Cauli -member of the Z-Fighters
-the Purple Haired Fighter

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Hai, I'm Cauli. *smiles playfully* Wanna fight?
Cauli Briefs
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Z-Fighters
Age 15
Status Alive
Race 3/4 Saiyan

1/4 Human

Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Weight 119lbs
Power Level  ???


20 years ago, Trunks Briefs and Son Pan fell in love with each other. War was currently going on, and they admired each others strength, and quickly started a relationship. After four years together, Pan learned she was pregnant. Nine months later, Cauli was born. Growing up, her father taught her to hone her Super Saiyan abilities. She occasionally hung out with her cousins, and sparred with them. In the World Tournament, Cauli won 4th place, and was happy. Her cousin, Leak won. At the age of fourteen, she joined the Z-Fighters. She is now fifteen years old.


Cauli is a cheerful young girl, who is also brave. She is laid back and enjoys having fun. When her life, and others lives are threatened she turns brave and strong.


Kamehameha: Cauli releases a a beam of energy, which it's color is violet.

Solar Flare: Cauli spreads and places her fingers on her foreheads, discharging a blinding flash of light

Homing Energy Wave: A move where Cauli fires a Ki Blast that targets her enemy.

Destructo Disk: Cauli holds her hand into the air, conducting ki in the form of a razor-sharp disc, which is then hurled over and around the body to cut the target.

Invisible Eye Blast: Cauli has the ability to shoot an invisible blast of ki out of her eyes.

Spirit Flower: Similar to her great-grandfather's Spirit Bomb and similar to her father's Buster Cannon, Cauli can create a ki blast that's constructed like a flower coming from her hand(s).