Lion Dande
Vital statistics
Position Z-Fighter
Age 14
Status Alive
Race 4/16 Android, 4/16 Saiyan, 8/16 Human
Physical attributes
Height 5' 7 (Base Form)- 6' 10 (Max Power Form)
Weight 110 (Base Form)- 398 (Max Power Form)
Power Level 98,118 (Base Form)

4,905,900 (Super Saiyan 1/50% Max Power)

9,811,800 (Super Saiyan 2/Max Power)


Nearly 100 years ago, the final android of the Red Ribbon Army (number/name unknown) was created, a glitchy clone of the Cell android. The glitches made the final android slightly less powerful than Cell, and also caused her to not believe in the evil ways of the Red Ribbon Army. She fleed and joined the Z-Fighters, later marrying a Z-Fighter Saiyan named Beta Vulgaris (she would later find out that is the scientific name for a beet) and having a child. Their young girl Brassica "Brass" Rapa (scientific name for a Turnip) was trained by the perverted Turtle Hermit Master Roshi, and became quite skills. For unknown reasons, Brass later married Roshi and they had one child, a young boy who they named Lion Dande. Brass would soon die (by Herpies), and Roshi spent the next few years tracking down all of the Dragon Balls. Knowing that he could not wish for his wife to come back to life, Roshi beckoned Shenron for his son Lion to be as powerful as the son of his former student Goten, Son Leak. The mighty dragon quickly granted the turtle hermit's wish, making Lion one of the most powerful people to ever live. After Roshi made the wish, he began to train his son in Martial Arts and Ki. By the time he was ten he was proficient in the Martial Arts of Boli Khela, Bokator, Kung Fu, Gatka, Pencak silat, Sambo, Akido, Karate, Ninjitsu, Choi Kwang-Do, Muay Lao, Silat, Bando, Kobudo, Kuntwa, Cheena di, Muay Bordan and Vovinam. Lion soon met the person his powers were based on, Son Leak, and the two soon grew a strong friendship and rivalry, both training under Lion's father Roshi. They would both later fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament, where they would both be eliminated in a draw against eachother. Their rivalry then continued, each of them striving to graduate the Turtle Academy first, however Roshi finally decided to graduate them both on the exact same day, something that annoyed the boys very much, as they had hoped that the graduation would finally end their rivalry and determine who was the better warrior. The following year, Leak entered and won the World Martial Arts Tournament, something Lion was unaware of until he had already won. The following year however, Lion made Leak extremely sick by injecting the chicken pox virus into him (long story), and during this time entered the Tournament and won. The boys decided that the tournament would decide nothing, and they both quickly joined the Z-Fighters soon afterwards. Lion is currently 14 years old, and his rivalry with Leak still continues strong.