Leak -member of Z-Fighters
-Descendant of Goku

 – 02:54, April 5, 2013 (UTC)

Son of Goten and Bulla
Vital statistics
Position Low-Class Saiyan
Age 15
Status Alive
Race 3/4 Saiyan 1/4 Human
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 145 LBS
Power Level 98,117


16 Years ago Goten the son of Goku and Bulla the daughter of Vegeta were talking to eachother while Trunks was taking a shower and Goten was waiting for him before they went to train.Eventually this conversation led them into a small spark of relationship.Later they got really close to eachother and had...relations.9 months later a small Baby boy was born out of Wedlock.Goten and Bulla raised him in a life of learning Martial Arts.His Great Great Great Grandfather Goku came up to him and told him to go train with Master Roshi.His old Master.Before leaving Goku gave Leak his old Power Pole to help him with his fights.He later met Roshi's son Lion Dande.The Two grew a strong Friendship and Rivalry with eachother eventually competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament.They made it to the Final Round but ended up knocking eachother out.After graduating the Turtle School they made a promise to finally decide who was the better fighter.uld finally end their rivalry and determine who was the better warrior. The following year, Leak entered and won the World Martial Arts Tournament, something Lion was unaware of until he had already won. The following year however, Lion made Leak extremely sick by injecting the chicken pox virus into him (long story), and during this time entered the Tournament and won. The boys decided that the tournament would decide nothing, and they both quickly joined the Z-Fighters soon afterwards.Leak is now15 and his rivalry with Lion is still strong.

Power Level

Base: 98,117

SSJ: 4,905,650

SSJ2: 9,811,700